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"If things go wrong, don't go with them." ~ Roger Babson
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NEW 3-31

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over...  May 19th - Deborah Livingston

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. Like the caterpillar, there are times we close ourselves off in a cocoon, shutting out the world. Sometimes we have to be in the dark, to see our own light. And only when we come into the light once again, can we spread our wings and fly.

NEW 12-9

Taking the Path Marked "Unknown" - Jess Steinman

Until we're willing to take the path through life whose signpost is marked "unknown," we are destined to travel along the old ways, regardless of how many new names we give to them.


Going With the Flow

Going with the flow doesn't mean it will always be easy. By recognizing resistance as a sign of being out of alignment with your flow, you can make adjustments and realign with the ease and grace that serves you. What resistance is blocking your flow?


I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can. Transform your life by bringing future thinking, into the now. By knowing that goodness is already yours, you allow it to come into you life fully. The little train that could has the right idea. Start with possibilities, what is it you think you can do? How can you change your thinking about it, and bring it into your life now?

I've Got a Feeling, Something's Not Right

We've all had that feeling in the pit of our stomach, that something's just not right. Well, science has been making studies about our intuition, that gut feeling, and guess what? They're finding all kinds of evidence to back up what has been said for ions. We all have intuitive skills. Paying attention to how our body is reacting, can be a powerful way to help us in our daily lives.

Click here to an article on the science of intuition on


NEW 12-4

OMG! Now What?

You had you're Aha! moment and now know you are spirit, having a human experience. There's no turning back from here. So, what do you do next? Nothing. There is nothing to do. Everything. You can do it all, if you like. Join a group, go to a retreat, read books, sign up for seminars. Its really up to you. Its your life and you get to choose. There is no right or wrong path or journey of life, only yours. If you want to walk alone, with one person or many, it's truly up to you. There is nothing to do, but be.


Synchronicities and coincidences

They occur when you coincide with all aspects of your life. When everything is in alignment, coincidences happen. When you are in alignment, correspondence and coexistence with your intention, purpose, heart, goodness - things fall into place much faster. We call them coincidences or synchronicities. Coincidence comes from "an exact correspondence". Synchronicity comes from "a coincidence coming from seemingly unrelated events, not explained by conventional means." Have you ever noticed how good it feels when coincidences happen?

Check out a video from Deepak Chopra here


You Make Me Sick

It's said in jest sometimes, when something wonderful happens for someone else, but also when someone has been wronged in a big way. And it can be true. Are there people in your life who are bad for your health? By paying attention to how our body reacts, we can start to understand how being around people who are negative, can effect our health. You already understand how feeling loved, or being around positive people, can make you feel wonderful and science shows it improves your health. So, it makes sense that being around people who are negative, can make you sick. Dis-ease brings disease. If you can't avoid them, how do you handle being around them? Tools and tips.


Always the Teacher

Everyone you come in contact with, every day, learns something from you. What are you teaching them? Who are you inspiring? Whether you're aware of it or not, you are teaching. Children will call you on your teachings and make you look at them. That's one of the things I love about young people. But what about co-workers, the store cashier, your spouse or friend? Are you conscious of what you're teaching them about what you believe. Its easy in a spiritual group, to be conscious of what we say and how we act. But in our everyday activities, we tend to go into autopilot and get through the day, not realizing just how many lives we've changed with a simple smile or thank you. We are all teachers and students in every moment.

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." - Henry Brooks Adams


Here's Looking at You, Kid

What do you see when you look at people? Male, female, skin color, hair, clothing, etc, right? That's all normal and you take it all in, in the first 2-3 secs of looking at them. Its perfectly normal to try to fit people into the pre-existing categories we've created in our minds. And we all have different ones, unique to our previous experiences and it helps us make sense of our world.

Here is an exercise that changed my perception of the world. I think it might change how you look at the people around you, too. From now on, every time you see someone...anyone...simply say "Me." Before the first thought can form, say "Me." It will take some practice and a bit of time, but soon you will experience people in a very different way.

Every person who comes into our lives, is a reflection of ourselves. When we see them, we see ourselves. The reaction we have to them, is a mirror of how we feel about ourselves. And it can be a bit unsettling at first. When we see an opposite of what we think of as ourselves, we want to push that image away. But it is still showing you a part of who you are. It may be a tiny bit of you, but it is you, as we'll all one.

Every time we judge, we judge ourselves. Every time we show kindness and compassion, we show kindness and compassion to ourselves.

When we can move past the judgement and see the outer expression of the person, as simply what is being presented on the outside, we can quickly move past the outer expression and see the inner self. Your Self. One split second can change your perception of the world.


NEW 12-2

Where There's A Will...

Your ability to make a choice and stick to it is your most powerful resource for creating the life of your dreams.

Watch a video by Bob Proctor here. We're not promoting anything for Bob, just a good example.


Wherever You Go, There You Are

The path or journey is one that doesn't require a single step. Our lives are an expression how we see ourselves and our Selves. How we choose to experience it, is entirely up to us. We can choose to read books, follow teachings, take courses, climb mountains or sit quietly in meditation. It's all right, because we are "there" in each situation. The surroundings and what we're physically doing may change, but our spirit is there in its perfection with every step we choose take. All the experiences we have are what give life meaning.

"I used to think that one day I'd be able to resolve the different drives I have in different directions, the tensions between the different people I am. Now I realize that is who I am. I do feel I'm getting closer to the song in my head. I wasn't looking for grace. But luckily grace was looking for me." - Bono, lead singer of U2


Who Do You Think You Are?

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant,
gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously
give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

from A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

Stories of when you realized this and what that meant for you.


Rain, Rain, Go Away

You do have power beyond anything you may have imagined. Focus your power and see what happens. Ask the universe for what you want and it will give you what it feels from you. You are working in partnership with the universe, with spirit, with God/Divine/Source. Extreme stories of working with the universe to make things happen. Explanation of how you are working with all the other energies of the universe in its creation, including what you are asking to happen.


NEW 11-30

A Rose is a Rose by Any Other Name

Intuition, energy, reiki, chakras, consciousness, universal wisdom, manifestation, spirit, vibration - the list goes on and on. What do they mean? It can be very confusing and you get a different meaning, depending on who you ask. Don't get caught up in the labels, pay attention to how you react to the message. Does it feel good to you? Does it add to your highest good? Is it something you are drawn to? Follow your heart. You bring to you what you're ready to learn. Have fun exploring the amazing facets of this brilliant diamond called spirituality, awakening, awareness, self discovery....


Can You Hear Me Now? - Peg Jones, Jess Steinman

Whether you call it intuition, gut instinct, inner voice, vibe or angels, it's that inner knowing that guides us in life. You listen to your inner voice all the time - that knowing or gut feeling that tells you not to turn the corner when you normally would, when a person isn't telling you the truth, or to get out of the way when something is coming and you can't see it. Of course, sometimes you choose not to listen and most times pay the price.

By learning how to tune into your intuition, you add a whole new level of understanding of your connection to your energy and connection with everything around you. It an ongoing conversation. We all receive the knowing in unique ways. Are you allowing your intuition to guide you? You always have the ability to ignore it but its there for you all the time. Give it a try, consciously tune in. What have you got to lose?


Are You Dreaming Big?

Last night my 4 year old grandson and I were making Christmas cards. My son came by for a visit and when he was getting ready to leave, my grandson was putting a flower sticker on a card. While smoothing out the sticker, my grandson asked my son if he knew of any museums. My son said yes, that there were some big ones around here. My grandson handed him the card and asked him to give it to the museum. He said he wanted them to have it to put in the museum.

My son and I looked at each other in surprise and awe of his complete faith that they would display his art in the museum. Of course they would, it was his gift to them, was the feeling you got from my grandson. He had no doubts whatsoever. He is my hero.

Are you dreaming big? I mean really big? Do you create your life with the complete faith that everything will express itself in the way you imagined? No doubts, no second guessing? Taking action to make it happen? Acting as if it's a given that it will happen? When did you stop believing anything is possible? What big dreams have you put the brakes on? Are you ready to take action? You do realize you're not in this alone, right?


NEW 11-27

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade - Kay Jones

For Thanksgiving this year, I offered to make a dessert I saw in a magazine. I didn't have a recipe, but it was layers of cake, fruit and pudding. How hard could that be? Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not a cook or baker, but this sounded like a piece of cake. : ) I went to the store to get the ingredients and didn't know what kind of cake to get. I got some great advice from the chef, who said to pick up some lemon pudding and add it to Cool Whip for the pudding layer. Sounded wonderful. When I got ready to make the dessert, I got the package of what I thought was lemon pudding, only to see that I picked up lemon gelatin instead. Oh no!

Now, to the cooks out there, this is no big deal. But to someone who has no idea, I went into a panic for a moment, then I called mom but she wasn't available. I looked in cookbooks but didn't see anything. I really wanted to make a wonderful dessert for my family. So I asked the universe...What do I do? And just like that, I turned the box over and there was a recipe for lemon mouse using the gelatin, water guessed it...Cool Whip! I laughed out loud when I saw it and thanked the universe for its help. It was so much fun to see the smiles when they took the first bite. What joy!

When things don't go exactly as you planned, little or big, what is your reaction? Do you get stuck in the panic or fear? Our initial reaction is normal, it's there to help protect us (think bear). By recognizing the reaction for what it is, taking a look at it and knowing you can choose to move through it, then choosing what you want to do next, can bring so much peace to your life. By taking responsibility for your reaction, you give yourself the ability to choose how to respond.

I didn't pay attention to what I purchased, so didn't have the ingredients to make what I planned. But by choosing to respond by being open to finding a new option, the universe gave it to me. I know this may seem like an insignificant example, but the same lesson applies to the big things in life, too. If we can "practice" with the small things, it will be so much easier when the big ones come along.

"You must be constantly vigilant. You must learn to recognize when you are empowering people or situations. Each time you feel your emotions stirring, send a blessing to whatever or whomever you are reacting to and affirm that it cannot and will not disturb you. The rigorous practice of this technique will increase the peace that you experience, and that, in turn, will allow your good to flow more freely in your life." From Lessons from the Source by Jack Armstrong


Time Out!

Taking time each day for quiet time or counting blessings, reflection, gratitude...


Methods, Tools and Books, Oh My!

Keeping it simple. Follow your heart when it comes to what you read, watch, listen to or particpate in during your journey. There is no right or wrong path, only your path. You get to decide what it looks and feels like. If you decide to stop doing anything, that's ok, too. You are perfect just as you are.


When You Wish Upon a Star...

The power of wishful thinking and how it focuses our intellect, intuition and energy on any creation we want. Allow yourself to wish and feel the excitement.


Calgon, Take Me Away! - Kay Jones

The many faces of meditation. How we do it all the time, every day. How it can be a ritual but doesn't need to be.


Yogi or Yoga?

Meditation is everywhere, in all you do. You do it all the time - when playing sports, pulling weeds, playing or listening to music, reading... Be conscious of what is going on during those times. Be aware of our connection to our inner selves and getting past the noise of our mind, during those times. Not someone who will sit quietly and meditate? Blow bubbles, do a puzzle, ride a bike, take a walk, color a picture, dance or do anything that will give you a break from your intellectual mind and help you relax into your spiritual being.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Who is directing your life? Who is writing the script? It better be you!


NEW 11-21

Balance of Mind and Soul

From Neale Donald Walsch, in my inbox this morning:

On this day of your life, T J, I believe God wants you to know...

...that the mind and the soul must work together

if you are to experience true bliss.


Try not to spend too much time exclusively in your mind.

It is a magnificent tool, but it has a limited perspective.

Try not to spend too much time exclusively in your soul.

It has a much wider perspective, but you cannot negotiate

physical life from only that place. If you could, you

would not have been given a mind.


Here is the trick: balance.

Spend some time each day nourishing and exercising

the mind and the soul. You know how to do both.
So do it!

Let Your Fingers do the Talking

Texting, posting, chatting and energy. The energy that goes with your words. How we really do feel the energy of the person in the words. A look at connecting today vs before technology allowed us to connect instantly anywhere in the world. The energy connection is there, even though we may be on the other side of town or the other side of the globe.


Healer, Heal Thyself - Jess Steinman

Give a reading/message, get a healing. How shared messages are most often for the reader/guide, too.


Hugs Really Do Heal

You're a natural born healer. There is nothing to learn, you already do it all the time with every heartfelt hug, every kiss of a boo-boo, every smile for a stranger having a rough day. You send healing with all you do with kindness and love.


Know It All!

Nobody likes a know-it-all yet everyone wants to know what you know. How to share information without sounding like a know-it-all. Ex: How simply asking if they considered an "idea" (the message you have for them or understanding you have gained through your experiences), can be a first step. Tips or stories.


Media Challenge

2 weeks without any form of media that has commercials, sales or distractions from your spiritual path. There will be a page where they can comment during the 2 weeks. We'll do a follow up show 2 weeks after the intro, and ask people to share their experiences. I'm asking you to be on both shows, so you can share your experiences, too.


Love Me As I Am - Feb 23rd Katherine Owen, Joanne Sprott

You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself. How do you talk to yourself? About yourself? What are you saying? How are you teaching people to treat you?


Back Off, Jack!

Personal space, energy field, tuning into it and recognizing what it's telling you. You feel it in an elavator, check out line or meeting table. Some people have no problem with others in their personal space, but most only wanted invited people in their space. Recognizing what you're feeling and what's causing it. Simply knowing where that feeling is coming from, you can release it and relax.


Just Say No!

Setting boundaries. You can do it in every aspect of your life - people, animals, spirit, self. Tips and tools, help recognizing what is yours and setting boundaries for what is not.


You Don't Say

What you don't say is just as powerful as what you do say. How do you project your energy/emotions out into the world? Being conscious of the energy you send out whether you say the words or not.


Mirror, Mirror

What we give out, we get back. The love and joy, hate and sadness, are reflected back to us in our lives. It's easy to see out in the world but harder in your own life. What are you giving? Do you see how it's coming back to you?


Finding Harmony

Why music has such a powerful effect on us, both positive and negative. Feeling the effect in our bodies and hearts. Letting go and flowing in the frequency of music that feels good, allowing the music to carry you away with it.


NEW 11-18

I Have Seen the Light - Marianne Nishifue

Light in photos - flashes, auras, orbs and so on. We'll post images as samples, so if you have any to share, that would be great. We'll talk about what they are, share stories of them and talk about how to read the images for messages.


Angel Whispers - Peg Jones

Connecting with angels, tips on how to do it, first connection stories, talk about the wide variety of ways to connect. How angels are already connecting with you.


Stop Feeding the Frenzy

Cut out of the craziness in your life - caffeine, sugar, Red Bull, adrenaline highs, overbooking your day (Just say NO).


Out of the Mouths of Babes

Stories of lessons learned from children.


Straight from the Horses Mouth - Marianne Nishifue, Jess Steinman

Animal connections, how to start them, tips on making a connection, connections you already have (samples they don't realize are connections).


I See You - Marianne Nishifue

Focusing on a person and really stopping everything to see and hear them.


Be Careful What You Wish For

Stories of manifestation and tools or tips to get started or boost your power. How negative thoughts manifest just like postive ones.


Adrenaline vs High Vibration

Which is what and what is means to your body and spirit. Red Bull vs Spiritual connection, rollercoaster rides end and you're looking for the next rush, spiritual connection lasts a lifetime.


Taking Responsibility

Not a burden or obligation. Its taking on the ability to respond and choose our actions. When you give up responsibility for your life, you also give up the ability to choose how you live your life. Take back the ability to respond and make the choices in your life.



Abundance is not wealth or greed. It's is simply the ability to share. When your needs are met, you can experience abundance in your life. Perception of your needs, defines the abundance you feel in your life.


Are You a Back Seat Driver?

Truly letting go is harder than we ever thought. Let go and let God. What it means and tools and stories of how it does work.


What Did You Say?

It's not what people say or do, it's our reaction to what people say or do, that creates our happiness. Recognizing that first reaction and noting how it feels can change your life. Taking a look at your triggers and ego.


To Thine Own Self be True

Shakespeare said it best. When self doubt eats away at you (usually started by other people), trust your inner knowing. When everyone is saying your crazy, but you just know its the right thing for you, trust your heart, follow your instincts.


Love it and Leave it - Katherine Owen, Joanne Sprott

Bless and release anything that doesn't serve your highest good. Its a hard one to do at times, especially with family and friends, but it usually ends up being the best thing for them as well. Stories and experiences, tools and tips to make it easier.

"Forgiveness is the fragrance a violet sheds on the the heal that crushed it." ~ Mark Twain


Full Speed Ahead

The more I use my strength in the service of my vision, the less I am afraid. Getting over the fear of success/failure, and how just doing it regardless of the fear, can make you stronger. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable until it does feel comfortable.


Can You Hear Me Now?

Stories of the first time you connected with dead people. How we're all getting messages all the time in many different ways. Tools and tips on how to connect and what to expect 101.


Count Your Blessings

A spiritual perspective, not religious. Counting your blessings, bedtime rituals, thankfulness and gratitude.

I Hate Liver, and Other Truths

Truth is whatever your belief is, in this moment. It changes moment to moment and is yours alone. It isn't the same as 2 years ago and it won't be the same in 2 years. It is totally unique to you.


The Practice of Asking

Manifesting and the law of attraction in its simplest form. Ask.