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"Its a funny thing about life - if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."~W Somerset Maugham
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Lifetimes of Love

Lifetimes of Love

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Lifetimes of Love
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Linda Beauvais
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Lifetimes of love is a book based on a true story, that deal with hypnose, past lives regressions, and spirit guides, all within a love story. Click here to see excerpts of my book in the Articles tab of my profile. Join me on BITM Radio's Heart to Heart.

Book Description: Lifetimes of Love

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Past lives can affect our present life. That all through our different incarnation we have created karma and resolved karma. What is karma, basically it is conflict that we have created and then resolved by learning a valuable lesson and by forgiving other and ourselves. In this book we discover very ordinary people that stumble on the discovery of hypnoses, past lives, automatic writing with a spirit guide and much created karma, all written within a love story that resolves a karmic debt with love and forgiveness.

Forgiving others is forgiving yourself.

What is the book about?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you meet someone and it is like you have always known them. Is it possible that you have known each other for many past lives? And in those lives, they have been the vehicle of many valuables lessons.

This book is called: Lifetimes of Love. This book is really a book with-in a book, a story with-in a story, where both story in the end ironically link. One story happens in the present and the other in past and in pastlives.

This book is based on true story about a man and a woman in their mid 50's that have lost contact for 35 years.  Since they lived far apart they started to communicate by email. Many emails were written, showing the different path and beliefs their lives had taken.

What follow is a discovery of two very different lives that end up toughing each other, with an impossible love. The story of there lives are told by a series of emails and chapters of the woman book on her research of past lives. They met only a few times and their correspondence lasted only 9 months but will never be forgotten because of their Lifetimes of Love.

The man, a romantic, sensitive, idealistic person, that for most part of his married life, was a new born Christian and lived by the bible. Since the failure of his marriage with five kids, he rejected all of his spiritual beliefs. He suffered for many year of alcoholism, depression and was now taking medication for continual thoughts of suicide. He was lonely and had difficulty forgiving member of his family and friends.

The woman had new age beliefs, at the age of thirty; she experienced communications with a spirit guide. She dabbled into hypnoses and past lives regressions, and discovered many past lives that she lived with her then husband. These experiences marked her life, so she decided to research a past life in Wichita Kansas and wrote a book about her experience. After her marriage ended she became a single mother and had a few very difficult relationships. She was in a comfortable relationship, when she heard about her old friend's difficulties, so she decided to contact him. That is when the email started.

What message does this book give?

There are many messages, in this story, especially from the sprite guide about love and tolerance. But also that there is no such thing as coincidence. That everything that happens is for a reason. That we will all grow from our experiences. That we choose everyone we meet. That we are here to learn emotions and that we are all, each others teachers. That every day every minute we choose who we are. That we will even choose our death. That some will die for us to be able to learn.

From the two main characters, they mutually teach each other and us, about love, being in love, tolerance, anger, jealousy, acceptance, kindness, understanding, and most of all forgiveness. But also that we live numerous lives and that our souls are never ending. That our story is never ending. And we will all be together again in another life. That nothing can separate us not even death.

Linda Beauvais 

See excerpts of the book in 'My Profile' and then in 'Articles'

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