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"The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite."~ William Shakespeare
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Word Touch is a space for expanding your own awareness and finding your creative passion in life and expressing that to the fullest. You will find daily inspirations and a creativity coaching program to help you listen to, and dance with, your own muse.

Ever wonder where your muse went? Remember when you were excited about taking up creative work or play, and for many reasons, your muse abandoned you (people shut you down, you shut you down, practical life distracted you, responsibilities intervened)? 

Or, have you been working as an artisan or fine artist (or both), and find that your muse is entirely unreliable? 

Or, do you have a great friend or intimate partner or child who's got a strong creative impulse, and you want to know how best to be a muse for them?

From my experience counseling and being a muse for artists and artisans, musicians and crafters, I've found that a soul-filled, spiritual approach to one's muse can be very effective in starting or restarting that relationship that will fulfill you on all levels and will also create beauty and inspiration for those in your circle of life. 

I have taken the wisdom of my informal sessions in helping people find their muses and created a process I call Dancing with Your Muse. For the details of this process and how to get started, go to and take a look under the Dancing with Your Muse tab. 

Try out the introductory exercises if you like or join me in my online group mini-class how it works. Then we can get together for individual sessions to open up space and time for you to dance within your creative passion.

I look forward to connecting you with your muse! 


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