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I am a clairvoyant and medium who offers intuitive life readings and teaches meditation and a variety of workshops. I help people to realize their potential for self healing through their own inner power, find and understand their intuition, work with basic energy fields, meditate, and practice surrender and forgiveness as a way of being in the world. My lessons come not from text books, but from personal experience and the heart and mind.

I gave my first professional reading when I was nineteen, and I have since used my intuition in a myriad of ways throughout my life. When I was working in business, intuition always gave me an edge – a more clear understanding of what was really going on behind the appearances. I have worked as a bartender, a waiter, and on the corporate side of hospitality. I have volunteered through the District Attorney’s office on the Victim witness program, trained as a flight attendant, and worked as a new home sales associate. I currently hold a real estate license. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, with my husband, David, an executive chef. I have two children – Raine and Elizabeth – through whom I have two young granddaughters. I have been attempting to write a book for quite some time, but I have never felt that I had it just right. This is the book that I have been meaning to write my whole life. I hope that my story will inspire and guide you as you continue on your own journey of self discovery. Thank you.


My Book Summary


This book is for anyone searching for their truth. It is my personal story of the search for truth and the discovery of intuition. It is a story that started with struggle, poverty, physical abuse, drug abuse, molestation, teen pregnancy, rape and severe eating dis-order that has taken me unexpectedly to a place of definitive knowing and strength. For many years, I staggered through my own life completely separated from myself. I sought bad relationship after bad relationship, but eventually, by finally trusting my intuition, I learned how not to be a victim. I was able to hear and feel guidance and follow it. Regardless of your beliefs, religion, or lack of the same, intuition is simply a part of you and in it is the wisdom and doorway to your own truth.


I have found that people are the same wherever you go; it doesn’t matter where in the world you are from. We all have the same fears, hopes, dreams, judgment, anger, disappointments, and loves. We have the same propensity to criticize ourselves and others, to judge and be judged based on our belief that there is only one way to discover the truth. But what if there are many ways? What if you learn to connect and listen to your own infinite wisdom? What happens then?

My gift is clairvoyance. Having that gift and believing in my inner guidance saved my life. We each have a unique path with individual soul intent. Yet, we are inextricably linked. We are connected with each other and a force much greater than ourselves. The nature of that force may be different for each of us, and in that is our truth.

Identifying ones own intuitive voice offers a path to self-trust, a reliance on what we know and not on our emotions, what we think, or what others tell us is our truth. It’s all in the knowing. We all have it. Most of us question it, while others choose to ignore it altogether. Yet when we can be still and actually listen, we are empowered in ways we may never have imagined possible. I will take you on a journey of discovery, healing, self awareness, and a victory over victim consciousness. A traumatic past does not condemn you to a dysfunctional future if you can only find your truth and embrace it.

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