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Christine Meleriessee Heliohah
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Ordained Minster of Ascension (I Am University) as a Teacher & Cosmic Channel, Shamanic Healer and Writer; also known as the "Teacher of the Teachers"

Utilizing 25 years of experience as a channel of Light, I have created the Spectrum Light Ray Frequency Mastery Teachings which are tools and techniques to assist Light Workers to fully embody their I Am Presence within the physical.  This allows an individual to embrace the 5th Dimensional Body, thereby, releasing all karmic patterns, and acknowledging one's Missing Puzzle Piece to be re-awakened within their full body system aligning all higher chakras with the lower chakras.

Presently I am traveling to share my light to assist individuals to activate the higher frequencies while being in balance.  In addition, I was on the Next Top Author and will be bringing forth my book "The Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond - A Journey of the Continuance of Life" which is the story of an actual Temple where souls meet to connect and feel love of each other on a weekly basis.  It is my story and the ascension process I went through personally along with the story of the souls of the Twin Tower Tragedy that perished and how they wanted to give back to the people of Earth.

My journey has been amazing and now I am moving into a global connection.  I am very excited about the numerous prospects that are opening up in my pathway.  It has been very challenging in many ways but there is always a Light at the end of the tunnel no matter if you are in body or in Spirit.

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