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"Everyone and everything around you is your teacher." ~ Ken Keyes Jr
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This website is dedicated to the children of the New Earth.

Many children being born in these times are advanced souls on the path of ascension. They could be labelled Indigo or crystal children. This site is designed for the parents of these children so they can understand who I am and the message I am sending out to their children. Here you will find my definition of ascension and what it means for the world we live in today. Also, techniques I use to fully embody my own divinity including my mirror meditation. I describe my book Robbie the Butterfly and what inspired me to write it, and how I think my message can help children in today's world. You will also find an extensive links page with websites I visit to get the latest news about ascension, and links to websites where you'll find my book for purchase. I have also included several links and a description of my publisher's website and contact information. My mission and my publisher's mission is to empower children to know that the truth is within.


Click here to purchase my book Pick-a-WooWoo: Robbie the Butterfly
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