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Relaxation for anxiety

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Relaxation for anxiety
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Tom Diffenderfer
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I have developed a series of relaxation albums utilizing a blend of guided relaxations,visualizations, the sound of moving water and music. Reach a deep state of calm in 15 minutes.

As the coordinator of a Transitional living treatment program that serves people with addictions and co-occuring disorders, I have come to understand the positive aspects of teaching clients how to reach a deep state of calm. I have created a series of relaxation albums that utilize the sound of moving water, guided muscle relaxations, visualizations, and original music. These albums have been proven effective in clinical settings with helping people achieve a deep state of calm in 15 minutes. I believe that with regular use this helps to decrease stress, reduce unhealthy anxiety and lower the risk of relapse. Addiction and anxiety disorders are very treatable illnesses and I have a passion for spreading the word about relaxation and recovery. To this end I have created a website where people can go to access these relaxations along with calming music for no charge. If desired albums can be purchased there as well. I hope you will join me in spreading the word.

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