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I started writing a book in June of 2009 called: "Journey to Love: The Universal Experience," part of which is about how I healed myself from depression and anorexia through this book called "A Course in Miracles" published by the Foundation of Inner Peace, when 20 years in the field of psychology couldn't help me.

I have entered this book into this worldwide competition sponsored by Hampton Roads Publishing, which started March 29th. There are 2500 writers from all over the world competing through four Rounds. Round 1 runs from March 29th to May 3rd, and 75% of the vote is based on the public's vote--that's YOU!!! Only 10% or 250 will advance on to Round 2 (runs from around the first May 24th to June 28th), of which another percentage will again be based on the public vote to advance to Round 3, and so on to Round 4, but they have not yet told us how much that will be. Only 25 out of 250 will go on to Round 3. Ultimately, there will be 4 winners, but the grand prize winner will get a publishing contract to publish his or her book.
The book is not just about myself, as I teach readers experiential technques using imagery to get in touch with parts of themselves that prevent them from realizing their true selves, e.g., devoloping a new "good habit," such as starting an exercise program, or getting rid of a "bad habit" such as over-eating, worrying too much, or not managing anger appropriately. This technique is called Internal Family Systems (by Richard Schwartz) and it is like saying the ego has many parts to it, and I teach you how to work with any part you choose. It is a way of tapping into your "subconscious" (what is just below your level of awareness), notice I did not say "unconscious," very quickly and safely. You will learn more about yourself and will grow in the process--hopefully spiritually, but even if you learn how to cope better or function better in any area of your life, that is an improvement for you. By the way, this is one technique that did help me in my recovery that I did by myself since I am trained to do this with clients.
I also give research validated steps of forgiveness, as one of the main principles in "A Course in Miracles" is "You who want peace will find it only by complete forgiveness." The "Course" gives a "Workbook" of 365 Lessons, one for each day of the year, and actually, to really obtain the full effect of some of these "Lessons" the reader needs to spend more than just one day on any given Lesson. My process model will get you to the end stage of forgiveness much more quickly. My book will contain CDs with my voice to walk you through some of these exercises, as if I were in the room with you. I will make myself available my phone in emergencies for consultations, my blog, website, Facebook, or email for any reader who might have any questions or comments.
I am asking for your help. Please go to to register as a voter. You will need to remember your password, as you will get an email back, within about 30 to 60 seconds, confirming your email address, with a link to reconnect you back to the website. At that point, you can search for me by putting in my last name: Noblejas, and or my author ID#: 1199, to be able to see my profile, listen to my voice pitch for my book (which is only 3.5 minutes long), and cast your vote for me if you are so inclined. If my message speaks to you, please forward this message onto others in your own emailing address book, Facebook list, etc. to help me get the word out. This message needs to go viral, as I believe I have a message to convey that will help thousands if not millions of people. Thank you very much for your assistance in this passionate endeavor of mine!!!
As indicated on my profile page on the website immediately after you vote, if you click on the link, which is provided: when you get there, under the Post: Gift for Voters, you can click on two links to obtain two immediate gifts to reward you for your efforts in voting for me. Also, please leave me your email and name in the "Comments" section of that post, so I know you voted for me and I will automatically enter you into a lottery in which five of you will receive your choice of a free CD with some of the skills that I will be talking about in my book--like how to let go of the past, how to forgive, how to stop over-eating, how to stop smoking, how to learn relaxation techniques, anger management techniques, or something along those lines, OR a $25 gift certificate to almost anywhere. 
As you will see in my blog, for your vote in Round 2, which starts around May 24, and is comprised of my Book Proposal, I increase the gift certificate to $50 to 10 voters OR another CD about my book. In addition, for every person you refer to vote for me, I will put your name in the lottery again, increasing your chances of winning either a CD or a $50 dollar certificate. Now in order for me to know that the voter was referred by you, he or she has to indicate that when he or she leaves his or her name in the "Comments" section of my blog, letting me know that he or she voted for me, and was referred by you. BTW, no one's private info will show up in the comment that he/she leaves.
You can also see view an excerpt from my book on my blog, and the article in the High Plains Daily Leader that was on the front page of that paper on 04-09-10. My website is soon to come!
Thank you very much for your time, patience, and support.
With love, peace, blesssings, and abundance,
Laura Noblejas

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