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"Let your example change other's lives. Reform yourself and you will reform thousands." ~ Yogananda
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Teach your children heart centered living. * Contact the author for a free audio of this book when you submit your Amazon book order number.

Molly Kite, her intuitive rag doll Faith, brother Banjo, Nana Whacky, and pet raven Johnny Poe will teach your youngsters the art of heart centered living. The first story in the Molly Kite series is ready for purchase. Kids ages 4-99 are going to love the colorful cast of characters and the messages they deliver. The delightful main characters evoke kids of all ages to dream big dreams and have faith and trust that they can come true.

During a time of uncertainty in the lives of many, this charming story is a must for everyone. It’s an endearing tale of desire, hope, faith and gratitude.

“Molly Kite Has Faith” story synopsis: When Molly Kite dreams of being a potter but doesn’t know the first thing about forming clay she decides there is only one thing she can do. Learn how seven year old Molly Kite and her constant companion Faith use Law of Attraction to achieve Molly’s dream in short time.


Bring Molly Kite into your family. Click here to see Molly Kite Has Faith

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