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" Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass... it's learning to dance in the rain " - Unknown

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God, Its Not Working!

God, Its Not Working!

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God, Its Not Working!
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How to believe in yourself, feel your magnificence, and create the life you want!

Did you know that people who actively create the lives they want all share a common ability that makes everything work for them? And those of us who can't, have simple lost track of that key ability. It's not a unique or special gift. In fact, each one of us was born with it, but without using it, nothing we try really works. I'm talking about the one, innate, vital human trait that powers and empowers all we do—BELIEVING IN OURSELVES!  

The best way to start truly believing in yourself, is to first recognize that you're not. Here are the indicators that you should be looking for to see if you need a good dose or boost of self-belief: 

1) you're not as happy as you would like to be; 
2) you are not fulfilled with the work you are doing;
 3) you are not working;
 4) you have unfulfilled dreams;
 5) you have no dreams; 
6) you have given up dreams;
 7) you are not prosperous;
 8) you are not fulfilled by the relationship(s) your in;
 9) you are not healthy or as healthy as you'd like to be;
 10) you have been creating the life you want, but all of a sudden something stopped--you feel blocked or at a plateau;
 11) you have tried everything others have tried that seems to work for them, but nothing is working for you;
 12) you feel you have no purpose or worth here; OR, 13) you just want to reinforce what you already have!

If you can say one or more of these things apply to you, then this guide will help you believe in yourself, feel your magnificence, and create the life you want!


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