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" Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass... it's learning to dance in the rain " - Unknown

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An inspirational book that will make you see beyond what your physical eyes can see... through the eyes of your heart.

Three tragic incidents, Three blessings in disguise! Having had a Near Death Experience at age 12, becoming temporarily paralyzed at age 30 and later being visited by Jesus at age 40, Frederic Delarue, a native of Chartres, France, has had many opportunities to see and experience the Blessings and the Light out of the tunnel. Written from the depth of this man s heart, Frederic guides us through a very inspirational and unique journey while teaching and motivating us to see and accept the luminous side in every event occurring in our lives, from a wider perspective than just the one we usually see with only our physical eyes. Through acceptance, and surrender, Frederic motivates you to discover the true radiance of your being, and let the eyes of your heart be the foundation of your life, with a heartfelt sincerity.

Frederic Delarue is an International Composer of soothing musical melodies that emanates from his heart, and an inspirational Author and Speaker. Born in Chartres, France, he received his God given gifts after a Near Death Experience at the age of 12. His music instantly touches and empowers your heart and soul with the highest vibrations. Frederic was featured on the benefit album, Cousteau s Dream, alongside Yanni, Kenny G, Kitaro, and Vangelis among many others. Three tragic incidents, three blessings in disguise. Two car accidents and 1 medical error that found Frederic temporarily paralyzed taught him that miracles can occur when you surrender totally. 

Click here for Eyes of Your Heart book

Click here for Eyes of Your Heart CD and many more wonderful CDs by Frederic

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