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Devil Moon: A Mystic Romance

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Devil Moon: A Mystic Romance
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Romantic contemporary comedy with a mystical touch!


Maddie and Phil…polar opposites. He knows nothing about fashion, while she color coordinates everything. She has a place for every single possession and his idea of ‘order’ is getting takeout at the Taco Bueno. And if they could just stop picking each other maybe they’d find they have something in common…like a blissful night spent under that ol’ devil moon.

Dana Taylor has crafted a witty ride for readers with Devil Moon:A Mystic Romance You won’t get away from this read without chuckling…whether it’s from Phil’s wicked sense of humor, his daughter’s little, unknown facts or the crazy antics that happen in Beaver Cove. While couched in humor, Ms. Taylor does explore the very serious subjects of redemption, pregnancy, drugs, staying in school, gays and stalkers and does an excellent job of not preaching to the reader or letting these subjects slip away in the humor. The secondary characters were absolutely outstanding. Randy Bailey, Maddie’s gay best-friend and Melissa are hilarious, Grammy Harris tells it like it is and backwoods neighbor/student, Reba, is a quiet jewel. All-in-all, a delightful story and a one-sitting read. Pick this one up for an evening of fun.


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