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Deborah Fels-Awareness class, Clairvoyant consults

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Deborah Fels-Awareness class, Clairvoyant consults
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As an intuitive, I’m intrigued with how we express our unique gifts. We rarely see our talents as valuable because they flow easily, what an untapped resource!

- Students join my classes to enhance and refine their natural intuition and awareness skills, and strengthen their ability to be both present and aware (lots of fun!).
- Clients have private clairvoyant consults in person or by phone.

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We live in extraordinary times.  Big changes encourage us all to release more of what no longer serves us, and invite us to create forward with our true values now.
Sometimes we get caught up noticing only what we think isn’t working, and miss the balance that includes what we have to enjoy and share - this is where a little perspective is helpful.
In addition to awareness skills training and private consults, I do Acutonics treatments (tuning fork acupressure),  a wonderful, easy form of vibrational balancing.
My background and interests include creativity and the arts, innovation of every kind, and the earth sciences.  I'm attentive to the shifts happening throughout the world, inviting us to shift from conflict and competition toward collaborative creation.

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