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"Let your example change other's lives. Reform yourself and you will reform thousands." ~ Yogananda
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I am dedicated to bringing the healing power of dance to the world, and in particular to embracing personal movement as a guide to self-empowerment.

Janet Farnsworth is a licensed social worker who has worked with individuals, families and groups.  Formally trained in psychodrama, she also has extensive dance experience in Boston, Chicago and New York.  Janet currently facilitates a variety of dance journeys for children, families, disabled seniors, and adults.

We Dance to Be Who We Are.

We Dance to Re-Member.

When I hear this music, my body wants to do this.  When I hear that music, my body wants to do that.  In silence, I want something else.  Such wanting comes from a deeply rooted and ancient knowledge that flows through each of us.  ‘Following the want’ liberates us from the tyranny of self-doubt and fear and connects us to our most authentic Selves.

Dancing to MySelf is a moving meditation.  With music soulful and funky, silly and serious, we honor our body’s natural wisdom – the desire to move — to be our own teacher and muse.  Every session includes the creation of safe space, ‘melting the mind,’ and time to dance, dance, dance.

Following our own kinesthetic knowledge of how to move – doing what feels right — we connect to our deepest Selves.  Using the language of movement, we speak Truth.

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