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"Your energy has no limitations. You must however take care of your body's limitations to use that energy."~ TJP

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Awakening Consciousness for personal and collective empowerment.


Jacqueline Stone supports the conscious spiritual awakening of others through personal coaching, self-discovery tools, emotional healing, and Daily Inspiration services. She shares her personal journey of awakening, as well as the challenges along the way in order to support and encourage others to awaken to their own truth.




Jacqueline has dedicated more than 25 years to the study of the human mind and emotions in order to understand the process of awakening to who we really are.

Jacqueline's daily practice of expressing gratitude has made her a positive, uplifting person with the ability to see the blessing, opportunity, or lesson in any situation.

As a former victim of domestic violence and sexual assault, Jacqueline has committed herself to helping others recover from the mental and emotional devastation of abuse. She offers guidance based on personal experience in coaching sessions and on her award-winning "Recovering from Abuse" blog.
Jacqueline's personal journey has given her the experience and knowledge to help others overcome fear, doubt, insecurity, hopelessness, and victim-hood. She openly shares not only her triumphs, but also her tragedies in order to encourage others to never give up.


Jacqueline has authored three ebooks, Awakening Consciousness, Remembering Oneness ~ A guide to remembering who we really are, Gifts from Eternity ~ Thirty years of moments with the Divine, face to face with Spirit, and Rising from Ashes; Healing the Battered Heart.

“When we remember who we really are, we’ll smile at how small we’ve thought.”


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