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I am honored to introduce you to the world of Radical Faith and Effortless Grace.. and the Power of I AM. Through the writing and programs created by Julie Jacobs you are invited to step fully into your own heart-centered relationship with yourself (I AM) and then into powerful and healing relationship with others and other species(WE ARE) I AM is a new way of looking at ourselves in context to the relationships we have with each other, other species and our planet as we challenge ourselves to look within to find our own peaceful and loving Truth to create harmony and balance. Please join me every Friday at 11:30am CT on Heart to Heart as we bring you conversations that go "Straight to the Heart of being Human"

"With Radical Faith and Effortless Grace.. The Journey to Heart Space" is the internationally best-selling first book in a series of books that makes the statement, "I AM.. who do I want to be?  The book, "Journey to Heart Space" is a spiritual journey to the very center of relationship -- or in this case, the romantic place of Heart Space.  Tension and discomfort in relationships in skyrocketing - what we're right now, the ways that we are relating to each other, other species and our planet isn't working.  We are being called to open our heart to the love that exists all around us as social beings in relationship - with each other, in romance, inside our families and most importantly, with ourselves.  Relationship with others is a mirror to ourselves - to the healing that needs to be done to step more fully into our own Truth.
Coming February 18, 2012... "With Radical Faith and Effortless Grace.. The Butterfly Dance" ~ Rocked by the murder of her best friend and soul sister in an act of domestic violence in 2011, international best-selling author Julie Jacobs begins the next lesson of Radical Faith and Effortless Grace in: The Butterfly Dance.  Follow the metamorphosis into the healing light as she honors the beauty and life lessons that only a sisterhood of the soul can provide.  Join Julie and her wildly popular characters, Radical Faith and her sister Effortless Grace, The Wicked Ego Witch, Satori – the dark horse of fear and The Seer as the journey toward enlightenment continues on, even through the darkest hours.

Click here to purchase With Radical Faith and Effortless Grace... The Journey to Heart Space

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