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Al Rama Lahan
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Al Rama Lahan is a Portuguese spiritual teacher and life coach.
He is also teacher and facilitator of natural therapies and energy systems, ascension and personal and spiritual development classes and transpersonal psychology help facilitator.

Founder of the ascension and healing energy system Svargya.
Founder and President of the Templo da Nova Era ("Temple of the New Age") in the internal and external planes.
Author of articles for the brazillian magazine Luz & Terra ("Light & Earth").

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We all ask ourselves about the better and less painful way to change our lives. Reflecting on this thought, immediately arises the fear that any change  even, if we feel would be the best for us  would mean modifications which we may consider to be bitter and even impractical. However, there are ways to evolve as human beings and transform our lives in quiet and pleasant way. My book, "APOCALYPSE: The Path for Transformation" show us the means at our disposal.

"APOCALYPSE: The Path for Transformation" is a unique book, as it approach in a slight but profoundly way, the process of transformation and transcendence of negative thoughts and emotions since childhood to adult life, when most books on this issue are addressed primarily to adults. This story is part of a fiction trilogy, where everyone reading all books finds a path to personal and spiritual development, self-empowerment and self-realization. The books title - APOCALYPSE - is related to the rising secrets and unexpected revelations coming from reading the trilogy, which will guide us to the personal answers each one is looking for.

This story is part of a trilogy where the reader, following the same, finds a path to personal and spiritual development, self-empowerment and self-realization. The title "Apocalypse", on one hand is related to the secrets and unexpected revelations arising from reading the books, which are the answers that everyone is looking for; and secondly, for this book's transforming power.

The book examines deeply all aspects of human life and its relationship with the mind, emotions, spirit and soul. Thus, readers simply withdraw the theoretical and practical of examples, experienced by the characters, and will have the opportunity to smoothly practice on their lives.

In this book - divided into 13 chapters - I describe someones amazing journey in search of own purpose, the purpose of life and its transformation. It is portrait of many challenges we face constantly, when engaging our own journey for personal and spiritual development, as a result of changes and choices we have to do.

The book 2 sub-title is "The Truth of Love" and the book 3 sub-title is "The Life and Beyond".

If you cast your vote in my book, and register through the given link, you will be entitled to draw from 1 of my 50 books that offer it gladly, duly signed and personalized with a dedication and participation completely free in my seminars and lectures that I'll give on the themes of the book.

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