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How Do I Use Whispers?



To add your message:
Type in the Message box and use Enter on your keyboard or click on Send.
There is about a 4 second delay before your message shows up in the list.
The delay may be longer if there are many people sending messages.

* * * Note: Refresh may be needed periodically.
If the stream stops or there is an extended delay, please refresh the page.

Please remember all members can see Whispers.
We hope to inspire everyone who visits with a stream of wisdom, inspiration, quotes and more.
If you're inspired by a stream in Whispers, start a new discussion in the forum and ask people to join you.

If you'd like to chat we have BITM Chat available for both public and private chatting.

You can also click on a person's username in the right column and send them a message.


Currently, Whispers has 6 messages showing at a time. This may change as we go along. They are not archived, so we have no way of retrieving them. The forum is a great way to have member participation on a particular thought and save the discussion to your profile.

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