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"Let your example change other's lives. Reform yourself and you will reform thousands." ~ Yogananda
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About Teresa TJ Phillips

Me100Believe in the Moment is the result of a vision, a calling. It is a gift for you through me. I am here just like you, a visitor, member, guide.

Believe in the Moment is a gathering place. A safe harbor to ask questions, explore answers and discover what it means to be here at this time, this moment. It was created to bring all of us together to help each other on this journey of life.

I was blessed with a beyond this life glimpse over 25 years ago. I used to call it a near death experience and for years I searched for others who had the same but found none. Then recently, a few beautiful souls came into my life with similar experiences and started to help me understand how rare and precious this blessing is. It took 20 years to share my experience and start to explore what it means and my purpose. And now, I hope to help as many people as I can on their journey of Self discovery.

To paraphrase a saying - Some people discover who they are over years of searching and some people have discovery thrust upon them. For me, it was thrust upon me. I haven't had years of research or training. I don't know the terminology, methods or beliefs that many will talk about as part of their path to discovery. I ask lots of questions and am always open to exploring ideas and discovering new ways of looking at our journey.

When guided, I'll share my experiences and will always do what I can do help you understand yours. I believe in an ultimate higher power. I refer to it as God (Him) in my writing. This is only because this is what I'm familiar with and don't know of any other reference higher than God to call it. It is familiar to me, so that's what I use. I don't follow any particular religion, beliefs or teachings. I believe in unconditional love.

I think its very important to explore the questions you have in your heart. We all have them and right now is a time when we're all beginning to understand just how important it is to ask questions and listen to our inner voice.

There is no right or wrong path for you. You must find your own path, your own discoveries. You may change your direction many times and that is fine. In fact, I encourage exploring any answers that are of interest to you and maybe even some that you didn't care for, to find out why.

I also believe all of us have gifts of love to share with the world. Like a piece of the puzzle, each one of us is unique. And like the puzzle, only when we are together do you have a complete picture. Share your gifts, your message with the world. If you don't know what that is, maybe that's why you're here. Ask questions, explore answers and love always.

I look forward to working with you to explore questions, discover answers and create wonder. I'll help you make your spiritual practice, your spiritual life.

Love and blessings,