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"Your thoughts and perceptions can instantly change your body chemistry. Think about it!" ~ Doc Marion
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Adding a New Entry

Introduce your site with the Guides and Friends Directory
If you have a site sharing your journey, wisdom, inspiration or teachings of spirituality, self discovery and universal love, we hope you'll join us.
Its very simple and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

Add a listings for your site, blog or company. Name the listing what you think people will look for to find you - your name, site or company name. 1 listing is included with the Guides and Friends membership.
(The directory is separate from your profile)

If you have an online community, create a listing in the Communities category.
If you have a book, create a listing in the Books category.

The directory entry/listing includes the following options:

Unique entry title (company, website, community or your name)

* Visitors will look for you under this title.

Your name (real name required)

City (required but will not show on the listing)

State (required and will show on the listing)

Country (Google map included)

Private Message link (automatic)

Link to your Profile page (automatic)

Link to your website and/or blog (optional)

Link to your Twitter account (optional)

Link to your Facebook account (optional)

Link to your radio show (optional) You can add a link to your BITM Radio show or you own show here.

Phone (optional and will show on the detail view of your listing)

Icon - small image on category and detail pages (recommended) Your avatar would be great here. This is the image visitors will see on the What's New page.

Image - larger image on detail page (recommended)

A short description (very short please) is what visitors will see on the category pages to decide if they want to read more.

A long description - we recommend a detailed introduction avoiding date specific information. Outdated listings will be unpublished or deleted. Links are fine but no code please. Code will be deleted. If you have a book or other material, please send us the information and we can add it for you. Contact Us after completing your directory listing.

Meta Keywords - add words or 2-3 word phrases someone might enter in Google to find you (include your name) (optional but recommended)

Choose up to 5 categories/subcategories for your listing.

Please take a look at the information tags on the form before adding your information, to see what will be public.

Add books to the Guides and Friends Books category only please.

* * * Be sure to check your links to make sure they work. * * *


If you have a book or other material available through Amazon, please let us know. We will be happy to add it to the libraries and your listing. Referral fees paid by the bookstores help support the site and keep it open for all. Thank you.

Click on Add New Entry on the User Menu to create your listing.

Be sure to follow the Site Policy when creating your listing. Thank you.

If you want to add more to your entry, we'll be happy to help.

More options like more images, videos or other details can be added by BITM staff for a small fee.

Please Contact Us for information.

Please read the information tags for each space. Some are shown in your listing and others are private.
We take your privacy very seriously. No information is shared unless you've given permission to do so.
By entering information in the public listing spaces, you give us permission to share it with visitors.

We reserve the right to delete any member content or accounts, if we deem necessary.